Gen-e 2023

Future Food Solutions Award by
EIT Food

This award recognises the Start-Up team which has developed an innovative product or service that positively contributes to healthier lives through accessible, affordable and healthier food, a net zero food system and managing risk for a fair and resilient food system.

2023 Winners

Team LupiLicious from JA Belgium (University Level)


1. Excellence – Quality and credibility of the innovation idea; level of novelty and its propositional value – 25%

  • How innovative is the proposed idea compared to existing approaches?

  • Does it show an entrepreneurial spirit, and is the idea feasible?

2. Impact – 20%

  • Does the solution contribute to improving the food system and/or embracing sustainable development goals?

  • Does the solution potentially overcome barriers in the food value chain?

3. Quality of the pitch– 25%

  • Was the presentation clear on all points?

  • Were delivery techniques and visual messages original and up-to-date?

  • Did the pitch highlight the key points of the challenges, the problem and the proposed solution?

  • Did the team keep to the presentation time

4. Business Model – 10%

  • Cohesion of the points presented in the business model.

  • Is the business potential and value created and realised captured?

5. Team work – 20%

  • Is there evidence of team learning and performance?

  • Did the team show cohesion?

  • Does the team capitalise on the strengths of all its members?


Mario Roccaro

Programme Manager Education, EIT Food

Irene Tommasi

Innovation Division, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna

Kamaljit Moirangthem, PhD

Marie Curie Postdoc at Teagasc

Kata Trifkovic, PhD IPMA®

Innovation Consultant