Gen-e 2023

Euroclear Financial Performance Award

The Euroclear Financial Performance Award recognises the Junior Achievement’s Student Start-up that demonstrates long term financial performance and robustness, and a strong financial model.

2023 Winners


  • Financial performance and stability 40%

    • Does the company demonstrate sufficient business potential?

    • How compelling is the business model (realistic and viable)?

    • Has the company created budget/financial forecast? Are the assumptions behind the forecast clearly explained, realistic and well documented?

    • Has the company defined financial/performance indicators?

  • Future investment and growth 40%

    • Does the company demonstrate scalability in both geography and solution?

    • Has the team been able to specify investment requirements? And has the team explained the business case and payback plan for investor

  • Presentation & soft skills 20%

    • Was the pitch exciting and compelling?

    • Did the students engage the jury and catch their attention?

    • Were the students able to speak with confidence and address the jury’s questions demonstrating knowledge of the business environment?


Igor Urbanski

Operations Manager

Sofia Wiktorsson

Senior business controller

Mandeep Chana

Change and Configuration specialist

Katarzyna Miller

Euroclear Event and CSR Manager

Inés Pintaluba Renouard

Community Officer – Social Impact

Sophie Thibeau

Head of Funds and Investor Insight Change Management

Ellen De Laender

Director, Pension Fund & Insured benefits